SmartTRASHER was designed with simplicity in mind and is a ‘pleasure to use’.
Its functional and easy to understand design allows people to easily, conveniently and safely deal with numerous types of recyclable waste. The top drawer loading compartments can be individually identified to meet material and local recycling requirements ensuring that your recycling is right first time. Automatically compacted by the SmartTRASHER, recyclable waste is presented in convenient waste bins situated in the lower drawer. These are easily removed with their built in handles allowing the separated compacted contents to be easily added into the recycling.

It is affordable, complete, single point, recycling system and a ‘must have’ for every household, kitchen, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, canteen, port, ferry, ship, airport, airplane, station, train to name but a few of the numerous potential applications.

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Operational video of initial concept capable of crushing glass. This feature no longer available due to health and safety.