SmartTRASHER is state of the art and designed to meet the international standardisation that exists in everyday life. Dimensions are that of a standard kitchen appliance unit allowing the Plug and Go SmartTRASHER to be integrated into a kitchen layout with bespoke panels or be stand alone. Simply push the top drawer and it slides out automatically. Each individual recyclable waste compartment is individually marked with a waste specific identification decal from a large variety supplied with the SmartTRASHER. Load the recyclable material into the appropriate compartment.
A simple easy to understand control panel is built into the top drawer incorporating the control single button and warning lights. Use the SmartTRASHER in two ways, push the on button and automatically crush every time you slide the top drawer closed, or fill the top drawer and crush when full.
Switched on, top drawer closed and all safety switches closed, the SmartTRASHER automatically compacts sorted waste and deposits it into individual bins in the lower drawer. Each bin is unique, allowing a one way fitment only. Built in handles make them easy to carry and they can be conveniently rinsed out.

Operational video of initial concept capable of crushing glass. This feature no longer available due to health and safety.