An engineer became concerned at the amount of time he spent hauling household waste down the drive to his Local Authority dustbin collection point and believed that he could minimise his time. Studying the family’s waste saw him come to the conclusion that a large amount of his time was spent hauling air and so the SmartTRASHER concept was born.
Down on the farm, setting to work with scrap material, grinder and welder the first prototype was created. Trial, error, modification and time, lots of time finally produced a working prototype based on standard kitchen appliance dimensions.
Discussions and demonstrations with numerous friends, acquaintance’s, contacts and individuals in the recycling business confirmed that he was on the right track and determined to bring his idea to the international market.

Filing numerous patents, Shore Design were contracted to turn the iron monster‚ into a working prototype which was launched at Grand Designs Live in London during late April 2010.

Feedback from potential customers highlighted HSE issues with the first prototype’s glass crushing feature. Working with Shore Design saw this removed, a general redesign minimizing the number of individual parts and maximising storage capacity of sorted, compacting recycling materials. Two (2) new prototypes will be exhibited at Grand Designs Live 2011 with production scheduled for late Q3, 2011. The rest as they say will be history!

International Companies bidding on manufacturing Q3 2011
Pre Production test planned for Q4 2011
Retail production planned for late Q4 2011 / Early Q1 2012

Operational video of initial concept capable of crushing glass. This feature no longer available due to health and safety.